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This is a concise reference on scientific concepts and technical devices in Star Trek.Canon factsfrom the episodes appear as normal text. Italictext denotes annotations and "real-world"information about Star Trek technology. Materials such as duranium andparticles such as tetryons are listed under Substances and Particles.


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Substances and Particles - concise guide to the submicroscopic zoo

Treknology Reference Guide - concise list of the earliest appearances of Earth/Starfleet technologies

Power & Propulsion - about the right intermix ratio, warp inside a star system, how to stop a starship etc.

Computers & Communication - about gigaquads & nanometers, holographic backups, universal translators etc.

Transporter, Replicator & Holodeck- about how transporters, replicators and holodecks may work,their limitation s and problems

Weapons - about inconsistent weapon and shield efficiencies etc.

Other Technology Inconsistencies - about structural integrity, inoculations, contending hardest substances, forgotten technologies etc.

A Close Look at 22nd CenturyTechnology - complete analysis of its continuity and plausibility inEnterprise

Starship Design Guidelines - Is there sucha thing as "good starship design"?

Where are the Jefferies Tubes? -an attempt to fit them into various ship classes

MiscellaneousStarship Problems 2020欧洲杯晋级队伍 - a compilation of some general problems



Thanks go to Rick Sternbach for his excellent book Star Trek: The Next GenerationTechnical Manual, and for useful hints and suggestions in newsgroups.Most of the images in this section are taken from Star Trek: The Next GenerationTechnical Manual, The Art of Star Trek, Star Trek: The Magazineand the Star Trek Fact Files. Much of the episode information comes from MemoryAlpha2020欧洲杯晋级队伍, several screen caps from .