The Original Series (TOS)


Best of TOS Worst of TOS

10.2020欧洲杯晋级队伍 Assignment: Earth: 8

9.2020欧洲杯晋级队伍 Wink of an Eye: 8

8.2020欧洲杯晋级队伍 The Changeling: 8

7.2020欧洲杯晋级队伍 Balance of Terror: 8

6. Amok Time: 8

5. The Cage: 8

4. Tomorrow is Yesterday: 9

3.2020欧洲杯晋级队伍 The Doomsday Machine: 9

2.2020欧洲杯晋级队伍 The City on the Edge of Forever: 9

1. The Trouble with Tribbles: 9

10. That Which Survives: 2

9. Spock's Brain: 1

8. The Apple: 1

7.2020欧洲杯晋级队伍 Patterns of Force: 1

6. Catspaw: 1

5.2020欧洲杯晋级队伍 And the Children Shall Lead: 1

4. The Savage Curtain: 1

3. Mudd's Women: 1

2. The Omega Glory: 0

1. The Alternative Factor: 0


TOS Clich?Count TOS Statistics
10. A Federation official influences the development of an alien planet: 4

9.2020欧洲杯晋级队伍 Kirk argues a computer to death: 4

8.2020欧洲杯晋级队伍 An enormous machine/being has to be destroyed to save the galaxy: 5

7.2020欧洲杯晋级队伍 Being a Vulcan, Spock is immune to an infection/injury/radiation: 5

6.2020欧洲杯晋级队伍 A whole planet is under computer control: 7

5.2020欧洲杯晋级队伍 A scientist or Federation official goes insane: 8

4. A superior being/race holds our heroes hostage for their mere enjoyment: 8

3.2020欧洲杯晋级队伍 McCoy finds the cure for a previously unknown disease in a matter of hours: 10

2. Kirk's womanizing qualities help solve a critical situation: 12

1. Kirk engages in a brawl and/or has his shirt torn: 25

My average rating: 4.68

My rating standard deviation:2020欧洲杯晋级队伍 2.39

Crew losses: 56

Federation ships lost: 7

Romulan appearances: 3

Klingon appearances:2020欧洲杯晋级队伍 7


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