Reports & Interviews

2020欧洲杯晋级队伍These are a few impressions of events in real life. Notethat this section is updated only sporadically.



Astronaut & Cosmonaut Memorial -for the men and women who lost their lives exploring space (February 2003)

National Air and Space Museum - somepictures from the museum and the Mall (December 1997)


Star Trek in Real Life

Destination Star Trek 2018 - report on an event with an impressive array of guests, including William Shatner (April 2018)

Galileo 7 Con 2005 - JonathanFrakes, Michael Dorn, good and bad guys on a convention that gave us the Blues! (October 2005)

Galileo 7 Con 2004 - PatrickStewart, Nana Visitor, Ren?Auberjonois, Garrett Wang and two crazy Klingons! (October 2004)

Interview with Rick Sternbach -Rick about Voyager, Enterprise, "Nemesis", ship design, space and education (November 2001)

Star Trek World Tour - the hopefullyamusing summary of a Star Trek exhibition (December 1998)


Star Trek'sAnniversaries

A Short History of Star Trek -a personal view of the most important facts and events(September 2006)

Star Trek in Our Lives -birthday greetings from fans around the world (September2006)

Political Messages in Star Trek -a look back and ahead on the occasion of the 50th anniversary(September 2016)


Star Trek Fun

Shatner to Play Captain April in Upcoming Movie - exclusive interview with Olaf Sporil (April 2009)

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