Star Trek Picard (PIC)


Best of PIC Worst of PIC

5.2020欧洲杯晋级队伍 Nepenthe: 6

4. Et in Arcadia Ego I: 6

3.2020欧洲杯晋级队伍 Remembrance: 6

2.2020欧洲杯晋级队伍 Et in Arcadia Ego II: 7

1.2020欧洲杯晋级队伍 The Impossible Box: 7

5. Broken Pieces: 5

4. Absolute Candor: 5

3. Maps and Legends: 5

2.2020欧洲杯晋级队伍 The End is the Beginning: 4

1.2020欧洲杯晋级队伍 Stardust City Rag: 2


PIC Statistics (excl. Short Treks)

My average rating: 5.30

My rating standard deviation: 1.42


Graphical Statistics

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